Here i am! Ok, i´m sorry. I should really try to write more frequently on this page. But I just dont want to write about boring stuff like “today I´ve been in school trying to wake up all day without succeeding”, and so on. Or maybe I should?

But now I actually have something to tell you might be a bit more exciting:

Next single “Love Machine” will be released in August, and the album will be released shortly after. Great huh?!

I´m really happy about that. Even though I know I promised some of you that it would be released before the summer.

I also want to send a big THANKYOU for all your comments, nice words and e-mails. I know I´m not always good at answering, but I´ll try to get better, and you should know that it means a great deal to me. You are the sweetest people!


  • Alexandra

    Woo! Can’t wait for the album :) Love from Vermont, USA xxxx

  • PITBULL160687

    Я вас люблю, у меня нет слов выразить свои чувства, вы мне очень нравитесь!!!! С Уважением Никита!!!!

  • Daniel Tamayo

    Then i will be Looking forward to hear the new single, hope you guys keep up the good work and nice wind currents from Colombia


    Love your music!!! I just discovered you on YouTube and I can’t stop listening to these two new favorite songs of mine! Reminds me of the 80′s with a new twist. Love all the textures and sounds and the catchy melodies! Have you hooked up with KEXP 90.3 FM or in Seattle yet? They are always breaking new music and I know would love you! Love from Seattle and Kaliningrad Russia (where I currently live). I hope you thank God for the talent you have been given.