Hello guys!

Soo… the work on LOVE MACHINE is intense right now. Except actually finishing up the songs theres a lot more to it. We want to make everything about this album special. That´s why we have hired exceptional special people to help us out. This week the girls from STUDIO OVE (who also did the cover for “Quiet”) presented the idea for the album cover, and I have to tell you, it´s gonna be aaaweesoome. Helping out was also this cute little puppy called SAL. He actually belongs to 5preview(who made the t-shirt i wore in the video for “Quiet”). He fell asleep after a while though…

…but THIS dog is not sleeping. Soon you will hear lots of sneakpeaks of the album, and maybe see me working on my urban acrobatics.
Until then – DON´T FORGET it´s only one week left of the Quiet” remix competition at Tracks & Fields! The 15th is the last day, so give it a shot!

Nothing´s impossible, and the autumn is just a season.

Stay warm.

Love / Non Tiq

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