Yes! What about the album!?

I´m glad to inform you all that we are working on the last details of what will turn out to be the LOVEMACHINE. Since things took me a little bit longer than what I expected, it will probably not hit the stores before fall time. Let´s call it August or September. Ok?

In August I will be out touring again and hope too see you all out there.

Wish I could tell you more right now.

The only thing I know is that I have spent too many days, weeks, months staring at a computer screen, a microphone and a bored dog. I´ve been drinking a lot of cranberry juice. I´ve been eating a lot of hamburgers. I´ve been happy, i´ve been sad. In the middle of everything I lost my voice and had to reinvent it again. The computer crashed, too many times. I ran out of money, too many times. I found the most beautiful woods. I wrote new, better songs. And soon, very soon – I´ve finished the album.

Watch out for the snakes. Much love / NON TIQ

  • Jens

    Any news on this in the meantime?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542210813 Kinixto d’Llaca

    Hey girl, you got a mexican fan waiting for your album to come out. Bestwishes!! xoxo

  • Felipe Carvalho da Fonseca

    I love your style and songs! Hugs from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Felipe.